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About UB

Union Board is the largest programming organization at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Since 1938, UB has been enriching IIT's campus with programs including Homecoming, films and fine arts, Scarlet Fever spirit gear, BOG entertainment, and much, much more!

Union Board Mission Statement:

We, the members of Union Board, value respect, teamwork, dedication and diversity. We believe that these values form a foundation to grow and develop into an accountable, beneficial and enjoyable organization. With these goals, we strive to create a more cohesive IIT community and to develop a stronger sense of school spirit. We will achieve these ends through unique programming that provides personal and memorable experiences for all that participate. We'll make our peers aware of the programs, which will be inclusive, impact-ful, and entertaining.


Become involved in Union Board at our general body meetings which take place on the last Tuesday of the month @ 1:00 PM in the MTCC Auditorium. Don't worry; you will still make your class at 1:50! Bring your ideas for events and programs to Union Board-we will help make them happen!

Each other Tuesday of the month, meet us on the MTCC Bridge at 1:00PM for games and events!

UB is comprised of 3 committees: the BOG, Scarlet Fever, and Impact. To learn more about these

committees, come to a meeting or contact the members of the Executive Board.

Meeting Times:

the BOG: Mondays @1PM in the MTCC Executive Conference Room 

Scarlet Fever: Tuesdays @9:30PM in the Union Board Office

iMPACT: Wednesday @1PM in the Union Board Office


How can you take control of your college experience? Join UB and make a difference!